Ends versus Means

We must consider how to achieve our ends intelligently. Each of us is so complex that we must carefully reason the means we employ to reach any goal.  This involves giving attention to the process we go through to reach … Read More


Habits can be very useful and necessary but they can also act as strong interferences and obstacles to moving forward. The issue is not so much about whether habits are bad or good. It is more a question of whether … Read More


The bridging of the gap between theory, its associated beliefs and practice depends at every step upon the human element. It is the reaction/response of the individual engaged in a task that will determine the outcome. To carry out a … Read More

Balancing Mind and Body

Balancing your mind and body is critical in improved performance and better well being. Over time, we develop postural habits and subconscious thought patterns that impact the optimal performance of your body and that can lead to pain or injury.