We use our bodies in every action and task we perform. Yet, we often do not consider the important role that postural alignment plays in our lives. If we are out of balance, we take this imbalance into every action. Over time, these habitual patterns of imbalance can lead to degeneration, discomfort, pain and disease. Many back and joint issues, headaches and migraines, excess stress and more can be attributed to misalignment.

We are often unaware of these habitual patterns and their long-term effect on our health, well-being and performance level. Learning better patterns can change these habits and free us to experience a sense of ease, comfort and joy in daily living. It isn’t enough to have someone change your alignment without addressing the underlying patterns. Otherwise, they will persist and the problems can reoccur.

The body is naturally designed for poise and alignment. When we are misaligned, we are interfering with this natural poise and oftentimes the wrong muscles end up working or straining to accomplish an action. In this way, we put undo strain on our whole body.

Alignment and poise are an often overlooked area of health and wellness, but an essential one. If our bodies are continually out of alignment, it affects the integrity of all the parts. As the body learns to be more in alignment, people report more ease and comfort in movement, less or no pain and a heightened level of performance in whatever activity they are engaged in. Balance becomes a state of being that is reflected throughout our daily living.