Gayle Felbain, MPA, has been an Alexander Technique teacher for 35 years. Trained and certified in London, England, she has extensive teaching and presentation experience. As a globalist and world traveler, she has brought her work to the far reaches of the planet. She has incorporated many different perspectives and healing modalities into her work and has spent many years deepening her practice. In addition, Gayle is a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and a certified Psychosynthesis practitioner. She believes the most beneficial healing comes from within ourselves and that often doing less rather than more is the key to healing.

Gayle has worked with a broad range of individuals privately, in small group settings, workshops, and multidisciplinary practices. She especially enjoys working with professional musicians, performers, dancers, athletes, and meditators, teaching them how to incorporate this work into their particular disciplines, to heighten performance levels, and reduce pain and discomfort. She has also had success working with chronic pain, migraine sufferers, scoliosis issues, and has helped Parkinsons and MS patients to cope with their symptoms more effectively.

She is an avid hiker and outdoors woman.

She is available for private sessions, small group settings, presentations, and workshops.

Gayle Felbain

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