The Art of Presence and Conscious Awareness

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

–Albert Einstein

Awareness and mindfulness are crucial aspects of learning. Until we can become truly aware of what we are doing within ourselves as we go about living our lives, there is little possibility to change or alter what is not working and create what we want to happen. Being aware, non-judgmentally, and with a quality of relaxed alertness, leads us to presence. This can create the freedom to choose our responses at any given moment and allow us the opportunity to be a full participant in our life. Awareness, presence, listening to our body, and responding accordingly, have broad applications in our health and wellbeing. The Alexander Technique and Mindfulness practices teach skills, which build links and pathways between our awareness and our actions, allowing us to see underlying patterns and develop the tools to change those patterns, if so desired.

Would you like to perform at optimal levels with less risk of injury?

Do you play a musical instrument, sing, do public speaking or perform theater?
Do you love to cycle, hike, play golf or run?

You can do it better and more efficiently….if your body/mind is balanced and aligned. Many performers and athletes know that the least amount of undue tension they hold, the better they perform, with the least likelihood of injury. Excess tension and holding in the body/mind interferes with our natural ability to perform with ease and efficiency. We end up exerting more energy and effort to accomplish a task and often end up getting in our own way. We think we have to do more to achieve more but what if we actually perform better the less we try to do, and instead, learn to cultivate a state of balance and release. When something is not working well, when there is pain or injury, rather than seeking an active solution, it is often best to first understand what one may be doing to cause the problem, and learn not to do it. We may do activities, believing that we are helping ourselves get healthy, but how often do we stop to think whether the way in which we utilize ourselves while doing those activities may be harming us in the long run, and preventing us from operating at the most optimal level possible at any given moment.

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