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 Learn to meditate.

 Learn to use your body as a vehicle to Mindfulness.

A standard Alexander Technique session is 1 hour in duration. It involves gentle hands-on work, fully clothed, utilizing both lying down table work and movement work. Activities can vary from walking, sitting, working at a computer, singing, playing an instrument, meditating, or stretching. This work is applicable to all activities so your specific interests can be addressed accordingly.

My intention is to help the client develop the awareness required to change themselves; to release habitual patterns, and to learn how to create new, healthier patterns. This is done NOT by learning how to do a 'right' movement but by becoming aware of already learned patterns of movement that are interfering with coordination, freedom, and ease.

Mindfulness is an integral part of the work. I am also available to work more specifically with meditation and mindfulness if this is your wish.

As you begin to work with habit patterns, you quickly realize the connection between the body, mind, and feelings; that all these aspects are part of an integral and connected system that make up who you are and what you do.

Each session can be tailored to your specific needs.

It is important that sessions occur 1x weekly, or more if necessary, because we are working with habit patterns.

Sliding scale under certain conditions

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