The more in-balance and aligned your body is, the better it performs. We use our bodies to accomplish all our tasks and activities. Whether you are walking, cycling, working at a computer, playing an instrument, doing household chores, etc, you are using your body.

Many bodily issues and problems can be a result of misalignment in the body. Some muscle parts overwork, others under work. This sets up patterns, over the course of our lives, which can cause harm, dis-ease, discomfort, and pain. It may take awhile to show up because the outcomes often take years to manifest. I use the example of water running over rocks. You may not see the results for a while but eventually; the water will change the shape of the rocks and therefore, could alter the flow of the water.

Over time, our established patterns can cause parts of our body to degenerate more quickly and cause long term health issues such as back pain, joint issues, headaches, arthritis, neck pain, foot issues, and breathing problems to name a few.

This is an often-overlooked area of health and wellness but an essential one. As the body learns to be more in alignment, people report more ease and comfort in movement, less or no pain, and experience a heightened level of performance.